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Storm Merino and Wool Wash

Storm Merino and Wool Wash

Storm Merino and Wool Wash


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Product Description

Storm's Merino and Wool Wash is a specially formulated cleaner for wool items and is the correct pH to properly suit and maintain wool.

Product Features

Less Wool Itch
The Treatment reduces scratchy fibers

Fabric Stays Soft
Helps maintain fabric's soft feel

Suitable for all types of wool

How to Use
Shake bottle and pour 2.5 ounces (75 ml) into detergent compartment. Wash following manufacturer’s guidelines. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. May cause an allergic reaction

Three Treatments
225 ml (7.6 oz); the 7.6-ounce bottle is enough for three treatments