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Sonora, Mexico


From Alaska to Africa, our grandfathers made it cool. Shop our solid options for hunting, shooting, and adventuring.


Brooks Range, Alaska


CANIS is a lifestyle for those who dare to push the envelope. There is no mountain too tall, slope too steep, or river too fast for a CANIS athlete. Our gear was created based on firsthand experience in situations where others have come up short or failed. Our team spent two and a half years engineering our gear in Switzerland, testing it around the world, and then re-engineering based on our results. The end product is a line of clothing and accessories we are proud to put our name on. We have utilized the finest fabrics, trims, designs, and principles in the mountaineering industry, and tailored our products specifically for hardcore hunters. We believe our hunters are a special breed who constantly push themselves and their gear to the max.

Brooks Range Warrior

brooks range, Alaska

"We draw our inspiration from your adventures in wild, remote places. It is because of you that we can pursue our passion and commitment to create the finest technical hunting apparel and gear in the world. You have stories worth telling, and we exist to help you tell them."

- RYan E.

Field Notes

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Alpha Grizzly Jacket- The MVP

Marcel Geser and Ryan Efurd

CANIS: The Alps Collection

Marcel Geser and Ryan Efurd

CANIS: Tahr vs Chamois

Marcel Geser and Ryan Efurd

CANIS: The Layering Principle

Marcel Geser and Ryan Efurd