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The Alpha Program: Workout #6

The Alpha Program: Workout #6

The Equipment

We try to make all our workouts doable from the gym or home. This workout requires minimal equipment, just a kettlebell and a set of dumbbells. We used a 55lb kettlebell, 50lb dumbbells, and 30lb dumbbells, but use whatever weight suits you the best.

The Workout

This workout was designed to strengthen your upper body and core, while keeping a high intensity to raise your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular strength due to the minimal rest in between movements.

Set #1

For quality reps: no more than 10 seconds rest between movements

4 Rounds:

10 DB standing shoulder press (strict)
15 KB swings
20 mountains climbers

Set #2

For quality reps: No more than 10-sec rest between movements

4 Rounds:

10 DB deficit push-ups
15 DB anchored sit-ups
20 DB bent over rows (90-degree bend @ hips and elbows to the sky on the row)


  • Focus on form and control in the movements
  • Weight can be scaled depending on strength
  • (optional) 1 mile run cash-out