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The Alpha Program: Workout #2

The Alpha Program: Workout #2

The Equipment

We try to make all of our workouts doable from the gym or your home. This workout requires very little equipment, just a pair of kettlebells (35lb/55lb) which can be substituted with dumbbells of similar weight, a pull-up bar, a timer, and a good mindset.

The Workout

The "CORE CRUSHER" workout was designed around the importance of core strength necessary for demanding mountain hunts. This workout targets the core muscles to build balance, strength, and agility for navigating rugged terrain and carrying heavy loads in the backcountry.

The Start

Start your stop watch.

Movement #1

  • 91m/300ft dual farmers carry (kettlebells or dumbbells')
  • 1 minute max KB or DB mountain climbers

Rest 1 minute

Movement #2

  • 15 KB or DB goblet squats
  • 1 minute plank

Rest 1 minute

Movement #3

  • 10 strict pull-ups
  • 1 minute max sit-ups

Rest 1 minute




  • 45 minute or less total time
  • 35lb(Scaled)/55lb(RX) kettlebells or dumbbells
  • Assisted pull-ups is scaled
  • (optional) GHD sit-ups