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The Alpha Podcast: Episode 5- Marcel Geser

The Alpha Podcast: Episode 5- Marcel Geser

I am excited to sit down with my friend, business partner, and co-founder of CANIS, award winning, Swiss designer, Marcel Geser. Marcel and I have not seen each other outside of our weekly SKYPE calls in over two years and he recently made the trip to the States to attend the Western Hunting Expo and check out our new offices and CANIS showroom in Fayetteville. Marcel is such an accomplished athlete, designer, and his knowledge on design and fabrics is second to none. Winner of over 25 ISPO awards, Marcel is one of the most renowned designers in the mountaineering and hunting space in the world. He and I talk about the inspiration for CANIS, the process of starting from prototype through testing and final product, and the reasons why we chose the fabrics and the benefits for our customers.