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CANIS: The Kafue Pants

CANIS:  The Kafue Pants

The CANIS Team has been blessed to hunt the Dark Continent in South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Cameroon, Mozambique and the C.A.R. The African bush is wild, untamed, and dangerous. As beautiful as the terrain can be, it is also filled with thorns, and brush ready to rip apart your clothing, skin, or anything it can get its “hands” on. The professional hunters who live day in and day out in the bush require gear that is rugged and wild like the beautiful, dangerous game that roams the continent. Drawing upon that inspiration, CANIS developed a pant that could stand up to the rigors of hunting in Africa, but comfortable enough to wear all day, every day...The Kafue Pant named after the Kafue National Park of Western Zambia.

We designed the Kafue utilizing CORDURA’s 4-Way Stretch for comfort while combining it with CORDURA’s Nyco Rip-Stop fabric for maximum durability in the most challenging of terrains.
We chose to use CORDURA’s Rip-Stop fabric not only because of its durability but also because of its wide use by military and special forces units around the world. The idea was to make these pants almost bullet-proof and from our field testing and reviews from our customers, we have succeeded. The pants are strong without sacrificing comfort, and the perfect weight to wear year-round for most outdoor activities. They’re also wonderful pant for Upland bird hunting.

Like all of our CANIS pants, form has to meet with functionality, and the Kafue pants are full of extras. Starting at the top of the pants, we created an oversized, stretchable and breathable comfort waistband. In addition, we added the anti-slip panels so your baselayers would stay in place instead of rising up every time you raised your arms or bent over. The belt loops are constructed of heavy-duty, thick webbing as well as a heavy gauge button for closure.

The Kafue has six pockets and each is different. The front hand pockets are zippered with YKK zippers. Underneath the back pocket flaps, you will find two more zippered pockets, and on the legs, two cargo pockets with Velcro closures. For extra toughness and comfort, we double layered CORDURA 4-Way Stretch fabric on the seat of the pants and gave it a reinforced back seam for greater durability. On the knees, we incorporated our removable knee pads and added Kevlar to the face fabric.

At the bottom of the pants, we have zippered leg vents to cool you down after periods of high activity. Two more features are contained in the cuff. First, we have our built in boot gaiter that attaches the pants to your boot laces. Second, there is a sewn in cinch-cord which you can tighten in order to shorten the length of the pants in case you are wearing a trail shoe or low-heeled boot.

The cotton-like finish on the pants is soft to the touch and they are versatile enough for just about anything. The Kafue is one of our favorites and not just for hunting!