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Early Season: Tahr Merino or Chamois

Early Season:  Tahr Merino or Chamois

Early season is here and we have been getting a lot of questions from customers who are about to run CANIS for the first time. By far the number one question is which piece is right for them, Tahr Merino or Chamois Fleece. While these pieces have a similar look, their functionality, fabric weights, and attributes are pretty different. CANIS is all about building the perfect layering system to achieve optimum “Micro-Climate Management” and our Tahr Merino base layers and Chamois Fleece mid layers are the essential building blocks for moisture and temperature control.

Tahr Merino Baselayers

Base layers are worn snug next to the skin to manage perspiration. In both warm and cold conditions, you want to keep your skin dry and our 100% European Merino fabrics are designed to wick moisture away from the skin without any of the abrasion or skin-irritations of lesser-quality Merino wools. Using a high-performance baselayer is crucial for a functional layering system and it is the foundation in which we build off of.

For our Tahr Merino base layers, we chose to use a Merino/CORDURA® blended fabric that is ultra soft and naturally wicks away moisture. It is durable, amazingly breathable, and regulates your body’s “micro-climate” in any condition. In addition, Merino is naturally antibacterial which means these pieces are going to remain odor free. This is very useful when you are on an extended hunt and you can’t do laundry.

Our Tahr offerings are not just for layering. For greater versatility and year-round use, our base layer shirts can also be worn as a stand alone garment on warmer days. For this reason, we reinforced the shoulder area with extra strong, 4-Way Stretch CORDURA® fabric for increased wear and longevity.

Multifunctional Chamois Fleece Mid Layers

Our chamois mid layers are made with a combination of grid fleece, extra-fine Merino wool, and that same 4-Way Stretch CORDURA® fabric reinforcement for the shoulder. The Chamois Fleece Hooded and Non-Hooded are two of our best selling products because of their versatility. Mid layers are typically worn over a base layer, are slightly thicker, and act as the temperature controlling layer. Layering the Chamois on top of the Tahr Merino is beneficial as they are complementary fabric technologies and work together to keep you dry and insulated. In colder conditions, the Chamois will be the mid between your base and insulation jacket. On warmer days, we wear it as an outer layer over our base layer, or you can wear it directly against the skin.

We use a unique, double-bed knitted, grid-fleece European fabric made from Nylon and fine Merino. While the nylon exterior reliably protects against abrasive objects, the inner fabric is intricately engineered grid pattern made from Merino fibers. This grid construction allows maximum breathability, air buffering (super-light insulating), and enhances the “Micro-Climate Management”.

Easy Access Tights

We used the exact same fabrics and technology to bring both a full bottom tight and ¾ zip tight to our lineup. For early season and times of high activity, we like to wear the ¾ Zip Tahr Merino Bottom Tights as they will absorb sweat, keep you dry on a long hike, and fully zip off so you don’t have to drop your pants completely in case you want to take them off. As we move into mid and late season, we will add the Chamois Bottom Tights to add an extra layer of insulation. These tights are engineered to be layered without the “bulk” so our customers can enjoy hunting in comfort and with a full range of motion. And if you really want to treat yourself, the Merino Briefs are without a doubt the best undies on the planet.