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CANIS: The Layering Principle

CANIS:  The Layering Principle

CANIS has engineered a compact and efficient layering system that offers a greater variability of combinations for different hunting situations and climate requirements.  Aside from having developed an extremely versatile, multi-terrain camo pattern, it was important to offer a technical garment system that allows hunting under any conditions with both safety and comfort as the most important attributes.

The basic principle behind keeping you comfortable in any condition is the management of your “micro-climate” (i.e. your personal climate-space between body and outer layer) and keeping it as dry as possible at all times of your outdoor activities.  To minimize moisture buildup, we have engineered a system that aligns the right material and level of breathability/permeability throughout all layers to move moisture efficiently out of your “micro-climate”.  A damp “micro-climate” will enhance the likelihood of hypothermia  in cold conditions or lead to overheating in warm conditions. Proper management can be challenging under changing climate conditions or changing levels of activity. Outfitting with a smart and versatile layering system system we have developed will make it easier to stay comfortable longer and hunt harder. 

BASELAYER (Moisture Management)

Baselayers are worn next to the skin to manage perspiration. In both warm and cold conditions, you want to keep your skin dry as this is the layer that interacts directly with your body. Using a high-performance baselayer is crucial for a functional layering system. 

For our Tahr Merino baselayers, we chose to use a CORDURA®/Merino blended fabric that is super soft and naturally wicks moisture from your skin. It is durable and amazingly breathable and regulates your body’s “micro-climate” in any condition.  The baselayer fits slim against your body. This increases the fabric's functional benefits as it makes contact with your skin.  


MIDLAYER (Climate Management)

Midlayers  are very breathable and support the management of your “micro-climate”. They can be worn as a stand-alone garment, but are normally worn over one of our Tahr Merino baselayers, and are slightly thicker and interact with the baselayer directly. It is beneficial to choose corresponding or enhancing fabric technologies. When paired with a baselay, the midlayer becomes an additional insulation or outer layer and becomes the lightest layer of insulation before adding outerwear or shells.

For our Chamois Fleece midlayers, we use a unique, double-bed knitted,  Merino grid-fleece fabric made from nylon and fine Merino. While the nylon exterior reliably protects against abrasive objects, the inner side is an specially-engineered grid pattern made from Merino fibers. This grid construction allows maximum breathability, air buffering (super-light insulating), and enhances the “Micro-Climate Management”, especially when used with our CORDURA®/ Merino base layers. The soft, slightly-brushed inner also allows you to wear this layer direct on skin when the weather warms a bit.

SOFTSHELL LAYER (Wind Protection)

The softshell layer is mostly used as an addition to the midlayer. As with all of our pieces, it is versatile enough to wear with a baselayer, t-shirt, or casual shirt.  It combines light insulation, such as a brushed fleece inner, with an exceptional wind blocking and soft face material. This provides a compact, light, and comfortable option for windy and/or chilly days especially for more intense activities. 

On our Altai Jacket and Vest, we used CORDURA® Softshell fabric that is stretchable, durable, and protective. The super light, strong, high-gauge CORDURA® knit face fabric holds up against abrasion and tear while the soft stretch fleece backer gives you just the right amount of insulation and cozy feeling. The lightweight, integrated, highly-breathable membrane creates excellent storm weather protection. This layer is perfectly worn with our CORDURA®/ Merino base layers or Chamois Fleece layers when temperatures drop and winds pick up.  







Plain and simple, the insulation layer is designed to protect you from the cold. To accommodate a greater variety of different hunting conditions and uses, we have created a series of different insulation layers:

Insulation for High Activity: The Alpha Grizzly Insulation Jacket is a  light and flexible jacket for high-intensity activities, specifically for challenging and changing weather conditions during mountain hunts. The product features strategically placed, barrier-free ventilation panels (i.e. pit area, back panel) for maximum breathability minimizing the risk of overheating. The jacket features a set of different lightweight and highly-breathable CORDURA® fabrics, and is lined with a knitted Merino/polyester insulation to maintain a dry and comfortable “micro-climate”. The Canis “HighBreath®” construction keeps a perfect balance between wind protection and best breathability. This product is best worn over our Tahr Merino base layers and our Chamois Fleece products. 

Most Versatile Insulation: The Pamir Insulation Jacket is a straightforward product and suitable for most colder conditions.  We have made this exceptional piece of insulation to make your life easier...easy to wear and easy to care for. It’s tough, made from light but strong CORDURA® Rip-Stop fabrics on the outer and lining.  We use premium Climashield® APEX ™ synthetic insulation that is exceptionally warm, highly-breathable, and picks up very little moisture. Its a perfect choice for cold and wet conditions. This product is part of our CANIS “HighBreath®” system which has increased breathability compared to market standards. 

Warm and Ultra Light Insulation:  Our Alps Down products are truly “one of a kind”. We use durable and water repellent  Rip-Stop CORDURA® as the outer fabric and lining to make the garments not only light and packable, but very rugged. In constructing these products, we used our experience in designing ultra-premium expedition down suits that have been successfully tested and proven during many Himalayan expeditions. Our signature BTL Construction (Build To Last) avoids exposure of stitch lines (i.e. baffle quilting) commonly the classic weak point where your down garment fails first.  In extreme conditions, where there is no backup plan, the Alps Down is crucial for your safety.  We added a water-repellent treated premium down to assist in wet conditions. 

All of our insulation pieces provide you with the perfect warmth to weight ratio and can be worn as an outer or underneath one of our 3-layer rain jackets.

Rain Gear (Wind and Wet protection)

Our Rain Gear (also called a shell layer or 3-layer) protects you from wind, rain, and snow. Even though it’s made from breathable fabrics, the main purpose of this layer is to keep you dry and protected in stormy weather and avoid wetting the layers of insulation below. 

Our Nunavut Rain Jacket and Pants, as well as, the Wapiti Rain Jacket are made from a uniquely lightweight and soft, stretch 3-layer fabric made from high-tenacity nylon. This creates a light, yet comfortable, and surprisingly silent product that holds up well to adverse weather and terrain. This layer is to be worn on top of all other layers to keep you protected from wind, chill, rain, or snow. It’s lightweight and packable making it a great piece to have in your backpack for extreme weather changes.