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CANIS Cooks: BBQ Wild Sheep Chops

CANIS Cooks:  BBQ Wild Sheep Chops

BBQ Wild Sheep Chops

Every sheep hunter knows the meat obtained from the hunt is just as sweet as the success of harvesting one of these animals. The grind, sweat, and tears make it all worth it. Sheep meat is excellent, and this is a simple recipe that lets the flavor of the meat shine. Let us know what you think!

The Ingredients:
20 neatly cut chops
6-8 ounces of beer (any kind will do)
2 large red onions finely diced
3 ounces of chopped garlic

The Preparation:
Get a good bed of hot coals going on grill

Place tin foil with edges folded up on the grill to stop juices running off into the coals

Lightly salt chops

Place chops on foil, pour beer into foil reservoir then add garlic and onion, topped off with 4 large dollops of butter

Turn regularly until they look almost done.

Remove chops and foil from grill and stoke up fire a bit

Place chops directly on grill to sear on hot heat, turn only once

Remove from grill when internal temperature is at least 145 degrees

Let rest for 2 minutes before serving with your favorite sides.