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CANIS Athlete Training: Workout #7 Running Into The Weekend

CANIS Athlete Training: Workout #7 Running Into The Weekend

We tend to focus a lot on weight training, but this time, we wanted to give you a few running workouts we have started incorporating into our weekly training. “I hate running...I have bad knees...I am slow”. Suck it up buttercup. Building your lung capacity, stamina, and overall cardiovascular strength will help you in so many facets of your life. You don’t have to be Usain Bolt by any means, but grab your shoes, and just try one of these three routines next week. Then add another. Then get a bit faster, go a bit further. I promise you will enjoy it once you start seeing and feeling the results.

We are going to give you three very simple running routines that anyone, at any level can do. As with all workouts, you get out of it what you put in. If you want to slack, have at it, and get half-ass results, while those around you are busting their tail and reaching their goals faster. I encourage you to push yourself a little bit more each and every workout. We want to change our bodies and mindset. Where you stop is where you stay...sorry for the Tony Robbins moment, but its true.

Anyway, let's get to the workouts. All three can be done on a treadmill or outside if you have a fitness-type watch.

Workout #1: 3-2-1

This workout is best on a treadmill in my opinion, but you can do it on Assault Runner or outside. This is basic interval training. We want to raise your heart rate then work on returning to baseline, then up again. The below speeds are just suggestions. Raise or lower based on your fitness level.

Run 3 minutes at 60% of max effort (Use 6.5-7 on the treadmill speed)

Run 3 minutes at cruising speed (Use 5.5-6 on the treadmill speed)

Run 2 minutes at 70-75% of max effort (Use 7-7.5 on treadmill speed)

Run 2 minutes at cruising speed (Use 5.5-6 on the treadmill speed)

Run 1 minute at 90% max effort (This should almost be a sprint for 1 minute)

Run 1 minute at cruising speed) (Use 5.5-6 on treadmill speed)

Ok, that is one round. Start at 2 rounds, or 24 minutes of solid running. You can build from there on adding rounds or increasing your speeds.

Workout #2: Out and Back

This is best to do outside on a trail, roadway, or even a track. And you are going to need a watch for this one. We are going to try and build stamina with this routine and be able to cover the same distances in the same amount of time, even when you are tired. Not going to lie, this one sucks. Pick a time, either 4 or 5 minutes. Start the clock and run at about 70-75% effort (or speed you would a 5K). When you reach your required time, mark your distance. Take a 60-90 second break, and go again. The goal is to make it back to your starting point in the same amount of time.

Run 4 minutes, mark location.

Rest 60-90 seconds

Run back to starting position with the goal of getting there in 4 minutes.

That is one round. Take a 60-90 second break, and do it 2-4 more times, each with the same goal of increasing your distance and getting back to the starting point. PS, don’t be a turd and sandbag and run slower on the way out so you can make it back to starting position.

Workout #3: Bursts

Super easy, this is great to do on Sunday when you are doing a recovery-type longer run. You can do it on a treadmill or outside. For this one, jog at a normal pace for 40-45 minutes. Every 5 minutes, give an all-out sprint burst for 30 seconds, then back to normal jogging pace.

Run 40-45 minutes

Every 5 minutes, sprint for 30 seconds

If you really want to get spicy, sprint every 3 minutes.

That’s it. Three simple running workouts to add to your routine. As always, drink plenty of water and send us your training pics and videos to info@canisathlete.com or hit us up on Instagram or Facebook.