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CANIS Athlete Training: Workout #5 Mountain Warfare PT

CANIS Athlete Training: Workout #5 Mountain Warfare PT

This workout can be done almost anywhere with minimal equipment and anywhere that you have the ability to run. The design is based on a United States Marine Corps Mountain Warfare PT session used to prepare for the physical demands of mountain terrain. The effect of this workout is a full-body stimulus. Do not underestimate the layout and challenge yourself by increasing the pack or vest weight or maintaining a jog the entire time.

30 min total

Equipment: Stopwatch, running shoes, pack, or weight vest (20lbs min). Scale to no pack or weight vest.

Min 0-5
Start watch timer and build up to a fast-paced walk. At the 4 minute mark complete 1 min of max repetition air squats making sure your butt is below parallel on each rep.

Min 5-10 (elevated heart-rate)
Build to a slow jog and at the 9-minute mark complete 1 min of push-ups touching your chest to the ground and locking arms out for a complete rep. These will get tough but focus on form. You can scale and leave your knees on the ground if needed.

Min 10-15
Build to a fast-paced walk. At the 14-minute mark start walking lunges or alternate static lunges keeping chest upright and focus on breathing out at the top of each rep.

Min 15-20
Build back to a slow jog. At the 19-minute mark hold a 1-minute plank. Hold on elbows or hands but do you best not to break during the minute hold.

Min 20-25
Slow jog until the 24 min mark. At the 24-minute mark complete max burpees. If you need to scale it may help to take the vest or pack off while completing the movement.

Min 25-30 (elevated heart-rate)
Slow jog. At the 29 minute mark complete 1-minute max repetition mountain climbers. Make sure you touch your knee to your elbow. Example: (Left knee to Left elbow) (Right knee to Right elbow)

Remember to always cool down afterward and drink plenty of water.