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CANIS Athlete Training: Workout #4 Freaky Friday

CANIS Athlete Training:  Workout #4 Freaky Friday

The CANIS team always tries to train hard everyday, but as of late, Friday’s workout has taken on a new level of pain.  We are extremely lucky to have so many like-minded individuals here in the office that use their time before work, at lunch, and after work to lift, run, bike, swim, and push themselves to improve mentally and physically.  One of our team members, Bryan, has been writing some killer Friday workouts lately, and wanted to share one with you.  Since we are back in the gym, the workout features traditional gym equipment.  If you do not have access, just improvise.  If you can’t do some of the moves, do what you can, and push hard.  


I love this one because it has a little bit of everything in it and, if done correctly, will have the sweat absolutely pouring off of you.  The first two sections are AMRAPs (As Many Reps As Possible) for 4 minutes and just two movements per section.  Then we move into a heavy weight upper body section and finish with about 12 minutes of cardio.  Lean into the pain and use this next hour to get better.  

Section 1

Equipment:  Traditional bench press (bar and plates) and a pull up bar.

Alright, set your watch for 4 minutes and you are going to simply do 4 bench presses followed by 4 pull-ups.  Load the bar with whatever you are comfortable with.  I suggest 135-185 lbs.  The goal is to get as many rounds as you can while maintaining good form and minimizing rest.  Start with strict pull-ups and if you need to “kip” or use a band to assist, by all means do it.  At the end of 4 minutes, “rest” for 2 as you set up your weights for Section 2. 

4 Bench press

4 Pull-ups

Repeat for 4 minutes (Goal of 6-8 times through)

Rest 2 minutes

Section 2

Equipment: Straight bar and plates

You should have a little sweat by now and if not, you will by the time you are done here.  Again, just two movements on this section over 4 minutes.  We are going to be using the same weight for both movements so choose one you can do for each.  If it is just the bar, no problem, start there and move up when you can.  The first movement is a hang clean and press.  Load the bar (just the bar to 135lbs max).  Start by holding the bar with an overhand grip with the bar at your waist.  The idea is to use your legs and shoulders to get the bar to your shoulders.  Bend knees, and shoot the bar upwards to your shoulders where the palms are facing up and the elbows are out in front of your body.  From there, bend knees and press the weight above your head and then lower to the waist.  That's 1.  Do 4 and then put the bar on your back, and do 8 backwards, 4 each side.  Do as many rounds as possible in the 4 minutes.  That last minute is a beast.

4 Hang clean and press

8 Backwards lunges (4 each side)

Repeat for 4 minutes (Goal is 4-6 times through)

Rest 2 minutes

Once you have finished Section 1 and 2, REPEAT.  Yes, that’s right, do it all again.  Increase the weight a bit if you really want a challenge.

Section 3

Equipment:  Dumbbells or kettlebell and straight bar with plates (optional)

I love this section as we try to go a little heavier here to get a really good pump.  This is going to target shoulders, chest, and back.  4 sets, 3 movements for each set, 8 reps for each movement.  The first movement is a single arm shoulder press.  I like to do these on my knees or sitting on a bench.  Grab a dumbbell (test yourself on the weight) in one hand at shoulder level.  Slowly press the weight above your head and back down to shoulder.  Do 8 reps on each side.  Next, is a bent over row.  For this you can use two dumbbells or a straight bar with plates.  I recommend using dumbbells since you will have them out already.  Slight bend in your knee, bend at waist, slowly pull the weights toward your chest, pulling with your back muscles.  Do 8 reps.  Last move is a goblet hold chest press.  This really works chest and shoulders both.  I like to do this from my knees as well.  Grab a dumbbell or kettlebell of pretty good weight (60-80lbs) in a goblet style grip and hold at chest level.  Use chest and shoulders to slowly press the weight straight up above your head and back down to chest level.  Do 8 reps.  

16 Single arm shoulder press (8 each side)

8 Bent over rows

8 Goblet Chest Press

Repeat 4 times

Rest 2 minutes

Section 4

Equipment:  Assault Runner or treadmill, Assault Bike or stationary bike

Last section and we are done.  This is going to be almost 12 minutes of work at anywhere between 70 and 100% of max effort.  4 rounds, 50 seconds for each exercise, 10 seconds of transition between stations.  Set your watch to 12 minutes.  Start with the run.  Use Assault Runner or Treadmill and go 70% of max effort.  I like to do 70 percent for 40 seconds, then go all out the last 10.  Once you go 50 seconds, jump off, and hit the bike.  Same as the run, use the bike and pedal at 70% max effort.  This is a sprint so we want some speed.  Again, 50 seconds, then get ready for air squats.  No weights, just body weight.  Spread feet shoulder-width apart.  Squat, dropping your but to parallel to knees or below, then back up.  Do as many as you can for 50 seconds, then back to the run.  

1 minute intervals (50 seconds work, 10 second transition)

Run (70% for 40 seconds, 100% all out last 10 seconds)

Bike (70% for 40 seconds, 100% all out last 10 seconds)

Squat (get low and do as many for 50 seconds)

Repeat 4 times through

That's it.  Your first Freaky Friday.  You should be ready for a shower and the weekend.

Be The Wolf!