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CANIS Athlete Training: Workout #3 Saturday Starter

CANIS Athlete Training:  Workout #3 Saturday Starter

After a full work week, it is time to play on the weekend.  Whether getting out in the woods, wetting a line, or grabbing a cold beer and watching sports, Saturday marks the start of the two-day, weekly sabbatical from the grind.  Even though its time to relax, I still like to put a little work in to really kick off the weekend on the right note.  The below is a perfect “Saturday Starter” workout to get the blood pumping, body loose, and sweat rolling before loading up the cooler.  

So the idea behind this one is to move through the movements with minimal, if any breaks.  The pace should be moderate to moderate-fast, but still using good form.  You should be able to knock this out in around 30 minutes. 

I love this workout because you can literally do it anywhere.  On vacation, at the lake, or at home.  The only equipment needed is possibly a pair of light dumbbells for thrusters.  If you don’t have any, use body weight or find something you can press overhead pretty easily.


1 mile run (8-9 minute pace)

10 burpees (either with or without the push up, your call)

100 push-ups (break them up however you want, but use good technique)

10 burpees

100 air squats (body weight, or grab something to hold for a little extra)

10 burpees

100 butterfly sit ups (lay on back, put soles of feet together forming a diamond shape with legs)

10 burpees

100 thrusters (just like air squat but push dumbbells or whatever you have above your head when you come back up from the squat position)

10 burpees

50 v-ups (lay on back, raise legs and arms up to form “V” shape, then back down)

1 mile run (8-9 minute pace)

That’s it.  Knocked out a few hundreds calories, metabolism is going, now time to fire up the grill or put the boat in the water and enjoy a well-deserved break.  Be The Wolf!