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Canis Athlete Training: Workout #2 Run, Run, Run

Canis Athlete Training: Workout #2 Run, Run, Run

Never too early to get your legs back under you.  As we prepare for Fall hunts, we need to start increasing our cardio in preparation for stalking after a whitetail or hiking through the mountains  in search of that trophy sheep.

Below is a great workout to incorporate in addition to your normal weight training.  If you have access to a track, fantastic, if not, get a running app and mark these distances around your neighborhood.  In short, no excuse not to give these a try...that mountain isn’t going anywhere big boy.

We are going to give you times to shoot for.  If you can hit these, great, if not, if gives you something to shoot for.  Just keep getting better.

If you can’t run for whatever reason, put on your pack and get to walking.  Start out with 2 miles and increase it everyday.  If even just a few steps, push yourself to go longer.


400 meter weighted walk-  Put on your pack, weighted vest (20-40lbs) or grab some dumbbells and complete a brisk walk.

Rest 2 minutes


Round 1

2 x 800 meters-  For those not quick on the math, this is 1 mile total.  Everything we do is going to be at about 80% of your max.  Run 2 laps around the track, or 800 meters, then take a 2 minute break and do it again.  

Time Goal

Elite- 3:45 and under

Wolf- 4:40 and under

Athlete- 5:30 and under

Round 2

2 x 400 meters-  Working it back down to 1 lap or 400 meters.  Run 1, take a 1 minute break, then hit it again.

Time Goal

Elite- 1:50 and under

Wolf- 2:15 and under

Athlete- 2:40 and under

Round 3

4 x 200 meters- Almost home, just half a lap, yes 4 times, but you got this.  One minute breaks in between.

Time Goal

Elite- 45 seconds and under

Wolf- 1 minute and under

Athlete- 1:20 and under

Round 4

4 x 150 meters-  Big finish.  Essentially one minute on, one minute off.  

Time Goal

Elite- 35 seconds and under

Wolf- 50 seconds and under

Athlete- 1:10 and under

That’s it.  A little over 2 miles of running plus a quarter mile of warm-up.  Do that a couple times a week and we are going to have to send you smaller pants. Don’t forget to hydrate, go home reload on some lean protein and veggies, and send us some pics of the results