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CANIS Athlete Training: Workout #1 The Burner

CANIS Athlete Training: Workout #1 The Burner

One of the pillars of our team here at CANIS is to constantly push our boundaries physically and mentally.  To be the best in life, you can't just show up and expect to win. Tracking down a trophy sheep or shaping up that Dad-bod, you are going to have to work to do it.   Our Team trains year around...the easiest way to get in shape is to not get out of shape.  So if you are training daily or just starting out, we want to give you some tools to help.

One of our favorite types of workouts are combining high-rep lifts (either body weight or medium-sized dumbbells) with 800m (1/2 mile for us non-metric users) moderate pace runs. You can just lift or just run, but when you combine the two, the muscle and cardio gains you get is unparalleled.  

The below workout is to be done at a brisk pace with minimum breaks in between runs and lifting sets. "One Round" is defined as completing all 4 Sets below. 

Round 1 is to be done with the runs, Round 2 with just the weights, and if you want to push the limits, Round 3, add back in runs at 400 meters. This one is a burner.  Before you start any workout regiment, please consult your physician.  

Let's get to work!

1. Weight bench, stair step, or makeshift bench.
2. 1 pair of dumbbells that you can lift 30 times for various workouts.
3. TRX bands or elastic bands with handles (you can pick these up for less than $20 and they are a great investment).
4. Slam ball...$25 bucks...this will make a man out of you.
5. Pull-up bar. Go old school, drop $15 and get the one that goes on your door frame. Knock out 20 of these each morning to get you going in the right direction.

Set 1
800 meter run.
30 rows - Use TRX, dumbbells, or elastic bands.
30 bicep curls - Use TRX, dumbbells, or elastic bands.
30 push-ups (don't cheat).
30 sumo squats - Hold one dumbbell in your hands between your legs, spread feet shoulder-width apart, point toes outward, and squat.
30 Y-Pulls- Use TRX or elastic bands- Hold handles in front of you, use your back muscles to pull your arms above your head in Y shape.

Set 2
800 meter run.
30 shoulder presses - Use dumbbells, hold at shoulder height and press weights overhead.
30 shoulder shrugs - Use dumbbells, hold with arms fully extended down, "shrug" your shoulders up like you are saying "I don't know".
30 lunges - 15 on each leg forward, backward or walking lunges.  Hold some dumbbells for a challenge.
30 leg raises - Lay on your back, slightly bend in knees, lift legs 90 degrees, then back down to floor, that's 1.

Set 3
800 meter run
1 minute plank - Elbows and toes, back straight, suck in those abs and keep your butt down.
30 slam balls - Get out some frustration. Hold the slam ball above your head, slam to the ground, try to grab it on the bounce back up and do it 29 more times.
30 pull-ups - Attempt to go unbroken...or one at a time...just give me 30
30 sit-ups - Lay on back, hands by your ears (not grasping the neck), knees up, bring that chest all the way to the knees

Set 4
800 meter run
30 chest press or push-ups - Use dumbbells and bench if you are doing the press
30 dips- Use a bench, edge of bed, coffee table...place hands on the edge, lower your body down using your triceps and then back up.
30 chest fly or wide grip push-ups- Use dumbbells and bench or spread your arms out wider than normal push-up, fingers pointed outward, and hit that long side pectoral muscle.
30 shoulder raises- Use dumbbells or elastic bands...straight arms raise the weight or band to shoulder level and back down.

Alright, that is Round 1. Catch your breath, get a drink, wipe the sweat off, and let's do it again without the running. For the elite, do another round, add back in 400 meters. Send us some pics of the results...info@canisathlete.com