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Freaky Friday #9- The Ultimate

Freaky Friday #9-  The Ultimate

As big UFC fans, CANIS is excited to have Top 10-ranked bantamweight badass and avid outdoorsman Cody Stamann write this installment of Freaky Friday. As a professional fighter, and hunter for that matter, you have to remain in top shape year round. This not only is inclusive of strength and cardio but also injury prevention. Cody has prepared a very comprehensive workout that will work your entire body. Grab some water, put on some music, and let’s get it on!
- CANIS Team

As a professional athlete there are two things that are always on the forefront of my mind, conditioning and health. If you aren’t healthy, you can’t compete. If you aren’t conditioned, you can’t perform the skills needed to be successful. “A Ford Focus beats a Ferrari if the Ferrari breaks down or runs out of gas.” These principles can be applied to hunting as well. This workout focuses on those two things. Muscle conditioning and injury prevention.

You don’t need a fancy home gym or a 3 hour commitment a day to achieve these goals. I’ve trained in the most elite strength and conditioning facilities around the USA and the focus is always simple exercises done well. Mobility and core strengthening or “injury prevention exercises'' make up a large portion of the overall workout. The key is to focus on the technique, doing exercises with large muscle groups, and doing it with complete control. As for the conditioning portion, it will always focus on taxing your large muscle groups, mainly your legs. Not fun, but absolutely necessary!

It’s important to remember to keep your back neutral and straight while performing all exercises. DO NOT bend at your back! Use your hips and legs!!!! When performing a squat or lunge do not allow your knee to go forward over your foot.

Disclaimer: Some of the workout will consist of jumping and weights. If you have an injury or a bad back/knees please skip the jumping and lower your weight. Also, double down on the core circuit in this case!

Warm up
Push-up to down dog x 10 reps
Sumo squats x 15 reps
Bird dogs x 10 each side
Side lungesx 5 each side
Lunge w/ rotation x 5 each side

Circuit 1 Body Weight Circuit- 3 sets, 1 minute rest between sets, no rest between exercises
Plank to push up x 10 reps
Squats jumps x 5 reps w/ sprawl
Squats 20 reps
Scissor jump (lunge jump) 5 each leg
Lunges 10 each leg

Circuit 2 Weights- Kettle bells are preferred if you have them. Work up to around ¼ of body weight. 3 sets, 1 min break between sets, minimum break between exercises (if needed)
Front rack carry 15 second hold/15 second walk, each arm
Offset squat x 8-10 reps each arm
Bent rows x 8-10 reps each arm

Circuit 3 Cardio- 30 minutes of your choice.
Treadmill walk 10.0 incline w/ or without weighted vest or pack
Treadmill run 6-8 mph 2.0 incline
Airbike 20 second sprint/40second jog
Stationary Bike 30 second sprint/30 second jog

Circuit 4 Core- Optional
20 high-reach sit-ups
Side planks 30 seconds each side
Leg raises 10 reps (back flat on ground, 2 seconds up, 2 seconds down
Single leg balance 1 minute each leg