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Freaky Friday #2

Freaky Friday #2

Here we are, the second installment of Freaky Friday. For those who completed the first Freaky Friday workout, you know these workouts are no joke. We try to end the work week on a high note with a challenging workout to “earn” our weekend. For this one, I asked Bryan to write one that would “make us throw up”. I came close and you might too if you push yourself. As with any workout, you can coast or you can challenge yourself with weight selection, minimize rest, and bust your ass to get better. We burned about 1000 calories on this one.


As with most of our workouts, this is going to work your total body. The twist on this workout is we are going to be incorporating some high-intensity “sprints” into 4 of the 5 sections. The beginning and ending of the workout we will knock out some sprints on the treadmill (or Attack Runner, track, etc) which are great for burning fat and working on recovery time. The second section is going to give you a nice chest and shoulder burn. Rounds 3 and 4 are going to incorporate row and bike sprints with a variety of lifts, and then we finish with more running. Have a bucket nearby and let's get it.

Section 1

Equipment: Treadmill, Assault Runner, track, road, etc.

This is a great way to get a little sweat going. This is simple. We are going to sprint 50 meters and then walk 50 meters for active recovery. 8 Rounds or 800 meters total.

Sprint 50 meters

Walk 50 meters

Repeat 7 more times for 800 meters total (half mile for non-metric folks)

Section 2

Equipment: Bench, bar, plates, dumbbells (optional), rings (optional)

Alright, let's get ready to work some beach muscles. Do this one right, and the chest and shoulders are going to be popping. This section consists of 3 stations: bench press, strict shoulder press, and elevated push ups (using rings or floor if none available. There will be 4 rounds of 15-12-9-6 reps each round. Start on the bench, then you can do shoulder press with dumbbells or a bar. On the press, do not use your legs or momentum, this needs to be a “strict” movement. Sit on the bench, the floor, or just be disciplined to only use your upper body. For the elevated push ups, use the bench or box to elevate your feet, then you can do the pushups with your hands on the floor or in rings.

15 reps bench press

15 reps shoulder press

15 reps elevated push ups

That is one round. Do 3 more rounds of 12 reps, then 9, and last round with 6 reps of each.

Section 3

Equipment: Stationary bike, bar, plates, rings/TRX/dumbbells

Section 3 and 4 are going to be similar in structure, we are just going to change out the movements. Again, there are 4 rounds and 3 movements per round. This time, the rep count will remain the same through the 4 rounds. We will start with a bike sprint to 15 calories. From there we will do reverse lunges with a barbell (65lbs to whatever you are comfortable with), and end it with tricep extensions using rings, TRX or dumbbells if you want. On the bike, we aren’t in beach cruising mode...hammer it. Reverse lunges, touch that knee to the ground if you can, and for the triceps, use the rings, TRX or just tricep kickbacks if that is all you have access to.

15 calories on stationary bike

12 reverse lunges (6 on each leg)

12 tricep extensions

Complete 4 rounds

Section 4

*Equipment: Rowing machine