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Freaky Friday #17- The Whiteboard Sessions Pt. 2

Freaky Friday #17- The Whiteboard Sessions Pt. 2

Sheep season is here and our team has been putting in the work this summer keeping bodies and minds right. Our gym here at HQ has been busier than normal with everyone trying to outpace, outwork, and out hustle each other. Operations Director and Chairman of The Whiteboard Ryan Slagle has been killing the ball buster workouts, so I thought we would bring you another installment of The Whiteboard Sessions so everyone can “enjoy” Slagle’s handiwork.

As you will see below, most of these workouts utilize treadmills, stationary bikes or assault bikes and a few weights. The good news is these can be done in about 30 minutes, bad news is it’s 30 minutes of hell if you do it correctly. Grab some water, a towel, and commit to getting better and the results are going to come your way. Let’s get it on!

Workout #1- Cheetah

Equipment needed- Slam ball (33/22lb), stationary/assault bike, kettlebells (80/70lb)

Set a timer for 3 minutes, and every 3 minutes complete the following:

15 bike calories
10 slam balls
5 Russian kettlebell swings (Russian KBs are eye level, American are above your head…thanks Slagle)

That is one round. Do 10 rounds with a goal of 90 seconds of work and 90 seconds of rest in each 3 minute session.

Workout #2- GOAT

Equipment needed- Sandbag (100lb), dumbbells (50s), kettlebells (80/70lbs),10 inch platform or step

Set a timer for 30 minutes with an alarm every 2 minutes.

When the clock starts, perform 10 inch alternating step ups holding the 100 lb sandbag or the dumbbells in each hand. Every two minutes, stop and do the below:

15 Russian kettlebell swings
10 v-ups

This one blows. You are looking at 30 minutes of constant work. Put your head in another space, and just get to work.

Workout #3- Kurt

Equipment needed- Squat rack, barbell, plates, stationary/assault bike

Set a timer for 30 minutes, EMOM format and each minute perform one exercise below, rest for the remainder of the minute, then do the other. Alternate for the entire 30 minutes.

Even minutes- 5 back squats
Odd minutes- 12 bike calories

Try and squat at least your body weight on the squats and aim for completing your bike calories in 30 seconds or less.

Workout #4- Hit It and Quit It

Equipment needed- Squat rack, barbell, plates, stationary/assault bike/rower/treadmill

EMOM format, but instead of every minute, it is every 90 seconds perform both of the exercises below. Rest for the remainder of the 90 seconds.

5 back squats
10 calorie sprint (bike, row, or treadmill)
14 rounds

This is a quickie, only 21 minutes of total time. Again, try and squat at least your body weight and for your sprints you can do it on the bike, rower, treadmill or switch it up each time if you have access to all three.

Workout #5- R.I.P

Equipment needed- barbell, plates, stationary bike/assault bike

Same format as Hit It and Quit It, 14 rounds, 90 second per round, every round perform the below two exercises.

10 calories bike
5 deadlifts

Start with 75% of your body weight for the beginning weight on the deadlift. Increase the weight 10-20lbs every 2-3 rounds. Yikes!

Please send all hate mail to the attention of Ryan Slagle at info@canisathlete.com