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Freaky Friday #10- 5,000 Plus

Freaky Friday #10- 5,000 Plus

Early season hunting and the start of football season....man I love this time of year. However, between hunting, scouting, football, tailgating, kids sports, and a laundry list of honey-do’s, fitting in a productive weekend workout can be a challenge. So, on Saturday morning I like to do this “5,000 Plus” workout that gives me my cardio and strength all in one

The 5,000 is essentially a 5K (hence the name...crafty) plus 31 strength movements. I like to go to the local gym since it has a 1/10 mile track around the weight room, but you can easily do this with a treadmill, assault runner, or knock it out in your home gym. The gym works for me since it has a variety of free weights and machines, and the idea for this workout is to quickly transition from strength to running back to strength without any breaks. As with everything, you can make this as challenging as you would like with increased weight, faster runs, or combo of the two. I like to do 12-15 reps of each exercise, so pick your weights accordingly.


I have 31 exercises below that I like to do for a total body workout. If one piece of equipment is occupied, move to something else. If you don’t like one that I have written down, by all means, put some of your favorites in your mix. Good technique, 12-15 reps, challenging weight, and a nice pace on the jog (1/10 of a mile after each exercise). Use a machine, dumbbells, kettlebells, bar, etc. Just keep moving.

Here we go!

Bench Press
Two arm kettlebell swings
Leg extensions
Overhead press
Back squats
Bicep Curls (12 each arm)
Weighted walking lunge (12 each leg)
Tricep Dips
Hamstring Curls
Bent over row
Box jumps
Lat pulldowns
Wide-grip pushups
Weighted hip bridge
Alternating front raise
Romanian deadlift (RDL)
Chest Fly's
Tricep Pushdown

Single Arm Rows
Reverse Crunch
Hammer Curls
Russian Twist (12 each side)
Incline chest press
Sumo squat
Lying leg lift
Incline row
Air squats (50 for good measure)

That’s it. Quick (less than an hour), concise, every body part worked, and you knocked out a 5K...now go enjoy your weekend.

As always, let us know how you like the workouts and send us some pics of you training in your CANIS gear to info@canisathlete.com.